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Grasshopper is a community of practitioners cultivating a conversation of balance in the world of medicine.

We Know, Use, and Love the principles of Chinese Medicine and what they offer the planet

Part Of Our Community

At Grasshopper Education, you have the opportunity to share your expertise, become a trusted expert in your field, all while creating passive income.

By becoming an Instructor for Grasshopper Education, you become a part of our community. We range from published authors to first time teachers, from Physical Therapists to TCM practitioners. Our goal is the same, to share our clinical pearls and contribute to the field of holistic medicine.


Instructors receive a percentage of revenue whenever a student elects to pay for the quiz associated with their course. Instructors are paid quarterly. The more an Instructor spreads the word about their course(s) to their network of acupuncturists, the more money he/she can make.

Our emphasis is on clinically-relevant material. Courses should be poised to send the practitioners into clinic to use the wisdom you are sharing. We request easy to use handouts of quick reference tools or topic outlines to give practitioners. Your course can be whatever length needed to accurately cover the subject but should not be over-embellished.

We offer both Category 1 and Category 2 courses at Grasshopper Education. Keep in mind that licensees are only allowed 5 CEU’s (out of 50) for Category 2 courses. In other words, if your course meets the criteria for Category 2, it can not exceed 5 CEU’s.

Application & Course Outline

Let's get started! To submit your application to become an Instructor with Grasshopper, please click here to provide us with your professional information as well as your course proposal. Your application will be reviewed, and if approved, we will contact you to create a course together.

A course outline must be included with your course. Please provide both the course objectives and how the subject material relates to the scope of practice of acupuncture. Please do not exceed two typewritten pages for the outline.

Instructor & Course Application