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Frequent Asked Questions

You’ve come to the right place. Our Frequently Asked Questions should take care of your questions. If you’re still in need of some guidance, simply go to our contact us section and let us know how we can help.

Are There Prerequisites ?

No. While our courses do not have prerequisites, some of the courses are related or part of a series. In those cases we suggest taking them in the suggested order.

Can I Take More than One Course at a Time?

Yes. Our education platform makes it easy to keep track of multiple courses, quiz completion, and completion certificates. So it is easy to navigate multiple courses.

Are There Language Requirements?

All of our courses are taught only in English at this time.

Do I need to complete the course all in one sitting?

No, you don't need to finish it all at once. If you need to leave a course at any time and come back to it, no problem. Simply log back into the site, go to your profile and select  the course you were taking. You can continue from there.

I am licensed with Florida. Do you report to CE Broker?

Yes. If you are an Acupuncture Physician in Florida, please check the box in your course evaluation (after passing the exam) indicating that you would like credits reported on your behalf to cebroker.

Name Mistake on Certificate

“Oops! I made a mistake and misspelled my name or typed in the wrong license number on my CEU certificate. What do I do?”

No worries, we’re happy to help! Please Contact Us right away to let us know. Please note, there is a twenty-five dollar ($25) processing fee for amending a certificate of completion after one has been generated. This includes any requests for correcting your name, license number(s), or licensing board.

I am NCCAOM certified. How do I get my PDA certificate?

You will receive an email from NCCAOM with your PDA certificate attached. Please allow 2 weeks from quiz completion for this process to take place. Additionally, PLEASE BE SURE in your “My Profile” that you have selected “NCCAOM” as your license board and have entered your NCCAOM ID # in the “License Number” field. We will not automatically know that you are NCCAOM certified if it is not indicated in your profile.

When will I receive my CEU/PDA certificate?

For California and Florida credit: Your CEU certificate will automatically be generated and stored in your account profile after you have passed the quiz (70% or higher) and filled out the evaluation form. If you would like your certificate emailed to you, please email us. 

For NCCAOM credit: Your course completion will be reported to NCCAOM and NCCAOM will have your certificate stored in your NCCAOM account. Please login there to view it. 

When does my acupuncture license expire?

California Acupuncturists: Your acupuncture license expires the last day of your birth month every 2 years.

NCCAOM Acupuncturists: Your acupuncture license expires the last day of your birth month every 4 years.

Florida Acupuncturists: Your acupuncture license expires every two years on the last day of February.

How much does it cost to renew my acupuncture license?

California Acupuncture License:  $500 every two years

NCCAOM Acupuncture License: $290

Florida Acupuncture License:  $280 every two years

What payment system does Grasshopper use?

We use Stripe ( to accept credit card payments. Stripe is a trusted and secure company.  

How do I get CEU's on your website? 

Simply create an account and simple profile, then add any course you wish to take to your cart and complete the payment process. You will automatically receive a link to begin the course.

My computer froze while I was taking the course/quiz. Do I have to start over?

No, the Grasshopper Education platform will automatically save your progress in the course you are taking. You may need to begin the quiz again if you were in the middle of it, however there is no limit to how many times you may repeat the quiz.

Do I need a fast connection to take these CEU courses?

It certainly helps, only so you don't have to wait too long for each page to load. But once your computer has been to the site it stores it in history and makes it quicker to load the next time around.

For live CEU webinars, will there be techinial support available during the webinar? 

Yes, we will be available to help troubleshoot technical difficulties during the live webinar. Email us at or call us at 
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What time is the webinar?

Live webinar shedule: 
Morning: Begin at 9am Pacific Time, Break at 10:40; Lunch at 12:30 
Afternoon (if applicable): Begin at 1:30pm Pacific Time, Break at 3pm Finish at 5pm.

 All other online courses can be taken at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There are MORE FAQs to transfer over from the old data: