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Using White Sage in Your Chinese Medical Practice

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White sage is burned and used for purification (called "smudging") in many Native American traditions. Did you know that when taken internally, white sage is also a powerful and safe medicinal herb, with actions similar to some of our Chinese herbal counterparts? The advantage is that white sage grows wildly and abundantly in the U.S. and is easily wildcrafted and harvested. A perfect complement to Making Moxa, this course will empower you to start looking in your own backyard instead of relying on the importation of Chinese herbs for the benefit and well-being of your patients. This course is available for continuing education credit for California, Florida, and NCCAOM.

CEUs: 3


Instructor Bio

Amy Hazard, L.Ac.

Amy Hazard is a life-long resident of Santa Barbara. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara on the Gaviota Coast in the Santa Ynez Mountains surrounded by oak forests and sagebrush. Her passion for herbal therapy includes a lifelong study of native plant medicine, commencing in the cataloging of Santa Barbara's native medicinals into a Chinese medicine materia medica, mentored by Peter Holmes, L.Ac. Amy incorporates native and naturalized plant herbs, essential oils, and hydrosols into her acupuncture and bodywork treatments. Grasshopper asks Amy: What is your favorite herb? My favorite herb is definitely California mugwort, Artemisia douglasiana. It alters the brain waves in a unique and unparalleled way to allow for peace and relaxation.