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Treating Little Kids

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This course teaches diagnosing little kids, the Japanese art of shoni-shin, and other practical remedies for common little kid issues. Taught by the amiable and experienced Holly Guzman, this is the type of material you will use again and again in daily practice. Currently this course is approved by the California Acupuncture Board and NCCAOM but is NOT approved for CEUs in Florida.

Instructor Bio

Holly Guzman, OMD L.Ac.

Holly Guzman has consistently practiced and taught Chinese Medicine since 1983. Since those early days she has been faculty at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, and a regular presenter at conferences around the country. She is the mother of three, and the grandmother of many. The gentle art of Shoni Shin (children's acupuncture) was taught to her in Kyoto in 1987, and she continues to use and teach this, mixing it with experience, herbalism, and whatever is practical for kid's health.