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Integrating Physical Therapy with Chinese Medicine

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Got a lot of referrals from massage therapists and chiropractors lately? Didn't think so. But a lot of us do get referrals from physical therapists, the unsung heroes of Western rehabilitative medicine who don't use drugs to deal with inflammation or injury but modalities that are strikingly similar to the techniques that we use. This course will teach you the foundation of a physical therapy program so that you will have a solid understanding of what it means when your patients say they have graduated to "Phase 3" with their PT. You will learn physical therapy modalites and how they relate to our medicine. You will learn to integrate your acupuncture treatments into their physical therapy sessions without over-treating but enhancing outcomes. You will also learn how to find these physical therapists and good ways to introduce, dialogue, and build referral relationships. This course is available for continuing education credit for California, Florida, and NCCAOM. If you need us to report to CE Broker (Florida) please email us: