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Breast Cancer Part 1: Risk Factors, Diagnosis & Treatment from a Biomedical Perspective

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Is Femara used for pre- or post-menopausal women? What does triple negative breast cancer mean? Why did my patient receive chemotherapy before surgery? If you have ever asked yourself these or similar questions, this course is for you. You will learn patient diagnosis, lab tests, and treatment strategies Western medicine uses so you can confidently navigate through the sea of breast cancer treatment. Course appendices include actual patient tumor markers, blood work, and a reference list of breast cancer drugs. After taking the course and earning your CEU's, be sure to bookmark this page to use as a reference at your clinic. This course is available for continuing education credit for California, Florida, and NCCAOM. If you need us to report to CE Broker (Florida) please email us at: NCCAOM Provider #ACHB 1016-001 California Provider #865 Florida CE Provider #50-13977


Instructor Bio

Monica Kaderali, L.Ac.

Monica Kaderali graduated from Tulane University in 1994 and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1998. Over the past 15 years she has worked in clinics doing pain management, palliative cancer care, chronic disease management and women's health. Currently she is working in a clinic focusing on infertility and pregnancy. She has a passion for continuing education and instructs several online courses for Grasshopper Education. Monica lives in Santa Barbara, Ca. with her husband and two kids.