Grasshopper Education


“Sometimes hope is the most amazing medicine we have to offer” spoke Tiffany Pollard, L.Ac., in a seminar I attended.  I scribbled this insightful quote down the second it rolled off her lips.

Let me be clear that by loving this quote I am not admitting to any assertion that acupuncture works by placebo effect.    But so many of our patients have been through the Western medicine ringer and have never aware that there are alternative medical models.   It’s like coming to a dead end, and realizing you missed a turn off.

This change of direction that we offer does more than just give somebody hope that they can be cured, it lightens the load they have been carrying.  They might sigh, cry, or even laugh when you tell them that their condition has a long history of treatment via Chinese medicine.

And it is not to say that we are giving them any false expectations or prognoses.  Telling your patient who has had several failed IVF attempts that you are going to help her conceive with Chinese medicine is not what I mean.  But telling her the truth, that Chinese medicine has helped women who have been diagnosed as infertile by Western medicine, can ignite that flame of hope and fortifies them for whatever lies ahead.

And even after they have conceived, or their knee pain went away without the need for surgery or whatever it might be, I believe both hope and Chinese medicine are equally responsible.