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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I receive my CEU certificate?
You will receive your CEU certificate after you have passed the quiz (70% or higher) and filled out the evaluation form.If you would like your certificate mailed to you, please email us.
When does my license expire?
Your acupuncture license expires the last day of your birth month every 2 years.
How much does it cost to renew my license?
The fee is $325 every two years.  You should get a letter from the California Acupuncture Board, which is why it is important to update your address whenever you move.  Grasshopper Education can send you a courtesy email 3 months before your license is due to expire (we ask your permission to do so after you have purchased one of our quizzes).
Can my license be renewed if I miss this date?
An expired license may be renewed within 3 years after it expires by filing an application for a license renewal with the California Acupuncture Board.  After 3 years, it cannot be renewed, but instead, you will have to retake the exam.
Do I have to get CEU's when my license is on "inactive status?'
No.  All that is required is to pay the $325 fee every two years.  But, in order to reactivate your license, you need to complete 50 CEU's within 2 years of requesting reactivation.
How long do I have to keep my CEU certificates?
The California Acupuncture Board requires us to retain records of all courses taken for a minimum of 4 years.
What is the difference between a Category 1 and a Category 2 course?
Grasshopper Education offers both Category 1 and Category 2 courses.  Category 1 courses are those which relate directly to patient care.  Category 2 courses are not directly related to patient care.  For example, Qi Gong or a course on insurance billing are Category 2.  It is important to remember that you are only allowed five Category 2 CEU's out of your 50.
How do I pay for the quiz?
 We use Stripe ( to accept credit card payments.  Stripe is a trusted and secure company.  We switched from Paypal to Stripe because many of our students did not like Paypal.  If you would prefer to pay by check, you may mail it to us and we will email you the appropriate quiz.  Our address is:  775 Calabria Dr.  Santa Barbara, CA.  93105
Can I take a course for free?
Yes, all of our courses are offered for free.  Simply click on the name of the course from the Course page and you can learn away.  However, if you want to get credit for the course you have taken, you will have to pay for and pass the course quiz.
My computer froze while I was taking the quiz. How do I retake the quiz?
If you did not bookmark the quiz page, no problem.  Simply call us at 1-888-508-3666 or email us and we will send you the quiz via email (once we have verified payment).
Do I have to do the course all at one sitting?
Absolutely not. If you need to leave a course at any time and come back to it, no problem. The courses are always online and available for free without cumbersome usernames or passwords to remember. Simply go back to the site, find the course you were taking, find the page you were on, and continue from there.
Do I need a fast connection to take Grasshopper courses?
It certainly helps, only so you don't have to wait too long for each page to load. But once your computer has been to the site it stores it in history and makes it quicker to load the next time around.
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