Practice Enhancement Systems for Practice Success

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Systems for Practice Success
Systems for Practice Success If you were ever curious about what the voice of reason sounds like, look no further. Michael Gaeta has that magic mix of charisma, smarts, compassion, and practice success that makes him Grasshopper's favorite authority on many topics, including practice management. His core value of "walking the talk" by demonstrating qualities of caring, patience, and understanding to create practice success resonates at a higher frequency with us than some of the more popular "churn 'em, burn 'em, then sell a package to 'em" practice management models in our field. He teaches us that by creating simple yet trustworthy systems and maintaining the highest level of personal integrity, you can actually make a really good living doing what you were born to do.

This course is approved for California and NCCAOM (course #1016-009) and does not qualify for Florida CEU's.
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