Grasshopper Education

The Anti-Aging Mind

We all have older patients that have been with us through our years of practice. They are motivated to learn how to keep their mental vitality, in addition to their physical wellness, and left on their own to 'google it' can leave them confused about where to start. This course provides the information you'll need to meet their needs, and answer their questions.

Learn about the traditional and scientific findings including biomedical anatomy and physiology of the brain, and TCM theory. Explore which foods and herbs have been proven effective for certain patients to help overcome or minimize the effects of brain disorders that may come on with age including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Get clear on how to identify potential red flags and give proper medical referrals.  This course is available for continuing education credit for NCCAOM PDA’S as well as California and Florida CEU’s.

NCCAOM Provider #ACHB 1016-006

California Provider #865

Florida Provider# 50- 13977 

The economy has little to do with your success. Nor does the size of your town or the number of practitioners near you. Jason Luban L.Ac., has heard all the excuses and admits to having recited them himself. But the fact is, whether you live in Los Angeles or Las Cruces, there's no good excuse for having anything but a thriving practice. Bowing to popular demand, Jason has decided to share his own unique ways of generating business in this two hour video course. You can watch it between patients or watch it all at once, just watch the darn video! You can even earn CEU's by watching the video, so really, what could possibly be your excuse now?

This course is approved for California and NCCAOM (course #1016-11) and does not qualify for CEU's in Florida.

CEU's: 2