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Monica Kaderali, L.Ac.

Grasshopper asks Monica:  What is your favorite acupuncture point?

Spleen 6.  I love how my finger always just finds it.  

Monica Kaderali, L.Ac.
MS, LAc.
Monica spent a year in Taiwan immersing herself in language and culture so she could experience first hand the roots of Chinese medicine, all the while accumulating a variety of embarrassing Mandarin mispronunciation stories. She returned to the States to run successful practices in both Marin and Santa Barbara, working in community, private, and integrated settings. Her past work at the Issels Medical Center gave her the opportunity to work with hundreds of cancer patients, utilizing TCM methods for adjunctive cancer therapies. Working with doctors, nurses and nutritionist at the Integrative Medicine Center, she also gained a fondness for the integrative approach.

Monica lives in Santa Barbara, Ca. where she is taking a hiatus from practicing so she can raise her two kids and run Grasshopper Education, affectionately referred to as her third baby.

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